Tune-up on your heating or cooling system will ensure that your equipment is running at peak efficiency all year long.

Scheduling tune-ups with one of our NORA certified technicians can …

Save You Money on energy bills. A tune up could help you save as much as 10% OFF your annual fuel bill by maximizing the efficiency of your heating or cooling system and minimizes breakdowns.

Help The Environment. Dirty or improperly operating equipment is not only hazardous to your home, it is damaging to the environment. Having a system tune-up every season ensures that your equipment is saving energy while helping the environment.

Improves Reliability. A tune-up is preventative maintenance that replaces worn out parts before they break. When one of our trained professionals comes to your home to perform a tune-up, he will be looking for problems with your heating system before they become a costly emergency or out of pocket repair.

Below is the NORA recommended preventative maintenance tune-up procedure:

  1. Visually inspect the entire heating system
  2. Vacuum clean all heating surfaces
  3. Check the flue pipe and chimney flue to be sure it’s clear and in good condition
  4. Clean all burner parts including the air fan and housing, ignition electrodes, and burner head
  5. Replace fuel and air filters and bleed all the air from the fuel system.
  6. Seal air leaks around the burner and heat exchanger.
  7. Use combustion test equipment to measure efficiency
  8. Adjust the burner for high efficiency.
  9. Record final combustion efficiency for tuned system
  10. Start and Stop the burner several times to ensure satisfactory operations
  11. Inspect the oil tank


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