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Get a Grasp on The Natural Gas Supply Market

You deserve cost control, managed risk and competitive rates. Petroleum Kings can help you assess your personal situation, by discussing the options that are available to you and by helping you make the best natural gas choice for your home heating needs. 

Petroleum Kings Energy Rates

Petroleum Kings provides natural gas brokerage services. This allows us to provide you with  lower prices and price stability not available with your variable utility rates. The following is an outline of the supply options available at Petroleum Kings.

  • Petroleum Kings Fixed Rate-Our fixed rate program is for anyone looking for price certainty in a volatile market. PK Energy will secure a fixed rate for a short term or multi-year term, depending on your needs. Fixed rates provide certainty and stability allowing those managing energy expenses to appropriately budget their costs.
  • Petroleum Kings Variable Rate-Our variable rate program allows customers to float the market without any long-term commitment. Your price will change month-to-month depending on market fluctuations. During any point customers have the flexibility to lock in their price, taking advantage of market drops and securing a lower rate for a fixed period of time.

Email us a copy of your utility bill and we will be happy to offer up some alternative energy solutions free of charge

Please Note That Although Petroleum Kings Will Be Your Natural Gas Supplier, You Will Still Be a Customer of Your Current Utility Provider.

  • Your current utility is still responsible for maintaining the wires, pipes and meters that deliver your natural gas and electricity. However, the supply portion of your bill will come through a competitive supplier that we have chosen to best accommodate your needs. Contact Us For More Detail.


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