Mission Statement

Our Mission:
We transform the quality of life in our communities by providing “Total Energy Solutions” through a legendary service experience known as “Petroleum Kings LLC.”

Our Vision:
We Lead.

Our Core Values:
Our Core Values tell the story of who we are and define what we believe. We cherish enduring relationships with all the people whose lives we touch.

We live by a rock-solid code of ethics that embody honesty and decency. “We mean what we say, and say what we mean.”

Our personal well-being is paramount to performing our mission. The well-being of the people who count on us is precious. Our actions protect and preserve the people, property and the environment around us.

We honor the commitment our customers make to us by working tirelessly to demonstrate that we truly care. We are inspired by the real improvement our actions make in our customers’ lives.

We respect the individuality of each team member and count on each other to be there when it matters most. Together, we create an unfiltered rhythm of open dialogue and collaboration.

We recognize that we belong to an intimate network of people whose lives are impacted by what we do. We enthusiastically embrace our role through active involvement and thoughtful contributions of our talent and resources.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:
We boldly carve out certain success in uncertain times by harnessing the collective creativity and passion of our family of team members. The next great idea can spring up anytime from anyone.

Our Rallying Call:
“Together, we can overcome it all.”
“Use us once, keep us for life”