Petroleum Kings LLC is pleased to offer home delivery of Generator Diesel fuel (also known as “Red Dye Diesel”), which is ideal for running emergency generators. During the aftermath of the late October snowstorm, we were able to offer this generator diesel delivery service to the Goverment, State of NJ, NY and CT. We would now like to offer this delivery service to you, our loyal customers. Of course we all hope that we will never experience a similar storm, but we must be prepared. Petroleum Kings LLC would be happy to set up delivery of red dye diesel fuel for use in your home generator should we experience another siginificant power outage. Please contact us at 914-576-4040 to sign up for this service. Customers who are already on our Red Dye Diesel Delivery list will receive priority service during an emergency. 

What Is Red Dye Diesel? 

Red dye diesel is diesel fuel intended for use as home heating fuel or fuel for off-road vehicles, such as farm or construction-site equipment. It contains less sulfur than automotive diesel fuel but is otherwise very similar. Because automotive fuel is taxed while home heating fuel is not, diesel fuel intended for home heating or off-road vehicles is dyed red, so that revenue agents can tell them apart. Red dye diesel can be used in any diesel-powered appliance, and any vehicle with a diesel engine that does not drive on the roadways, because it is exempt from state road tax. (Please note that it is illegal to use red dye diesel in your car or truck diesel engine, because you have not paid the state fuel tax.) Red dye diesel is significantly less expensive than regular diesel, and is perfect for running generators and powering other non-automotive diesel engines. 

Call us at 914-576-4040 to sign up for emergency generator diesel fuel delivery!


Does your office, industrial building, hospital, cell phone tower, or even your multi-day outdoor special event have standby generators? Petroleum Kings LLC specializes in fueling all types of generators when time is of the essence, and we also supply fuel treatments to keep your generator fuel healthy and free from untimely glitches or stoppages.

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