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There’s a reason your neighbors are choosing Petroleum Kings as their electricity provider. At Petroleum Kings, the customer has the competitive edge, with a variety of unique electricity plans to fit your lifestyle and budget. With large utility companies your rates are subject to increases due to volatile market swings. Petroleum Kings is dedicated to helping you manage your energy costs by offering a selection of fixed and variable rate plans that compliment your energy needs.

Petroleum Kings Electricity Plans and Energy Rates

A licensed electricity provider, Petroleum Kings offers a variety of flexible and innovative electricity plans for your home.

Petroleum Kings Fixed Rate Electricity Plan– If you’re looking for price certainty in a volatile market, our fixed rate electricity plan is perfect for you. Our fixed rate electricity plan guarantees price protection by locking your payment in at a low rate, with a variety of contact lengths to help accommodate your needs.

Petroleum Kings Variable Rate Electricity Plan– With our variable rate electricity plan customers can float the market without any long-term commitment. Unlike a fixed rate plan your price will change month-to-month depending on market fluctuations. Because our customer’s best interest is our number one priority, customers have the flexibility of locking in their price with a fixed rate plan at any time. Allowing you to take advantage of market drops and securing lower rates for a fixed period.

Please Note: Your electricity will still travel through the same wires and continue to be delivered by your local utility company. Your local utility company is still responsible for maintaining your service.

Why Switch to Petroleum Kings?

1) No fees to switch to Petroleum Kings
2) Save money on your electricity bill
3) Flexible payment plans
4) No change or interruption in service
5) Local utility will continue delivery of your electricity safely and reliably

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