Commercial Services

Quality Commercial Services You Can Count On!

Since 1989, our family owned and operated business has provided high quality energy products and services to thousands of businesses throughout the tri-state area. Whether you are an industrial, government or commercial business, Petroleum Kings can provide you with quality fuel and services that help maximize your efficiency! Contact us today to increase your fleet’s productivity and more with Petroleum Kings commercial service offerings.

Commercial Repair and Installation Services

Burn less fuel and lower energy costs with Petroleum Kings’ energy-efficient heating and air conditioning equipment services.

Petroleum Kings specializes in the repair and installation of…

Air Conditioning Equipment                               Rough Ins
Heating Equipment                                           Gas Units 
Plumbing Equipment                                        Generators
HVAC Ductwork                                              Hot Water Tanks

Quality Commercial Fuel Services

Petroleum Kings offers a variety of high quality fuels, including:

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel                             Biofuels
#2, #4, and #6 fuel oils                                    Propane
High detergent gasoline                                   Diesel Fuel (On & Off Road)
Kerosene                                                       Gasoline (Regular, Plus & Super)