Apr, 15

Benefits of Oil-Powered Water Heaters

Anyone who’s switched to an oil-fired water heater knows that it’s a more cost-effective way to get virtually unlimited amounts of hot water. Oil heat is unique in its ability to produce a dependable and affordable hot water. Below, we take a closer look at the benefits of oil-powered water heaters.


1. Improved efficiency

Yes, water heaters that run on oil can cost a bit more to install. However, they are able to heat water fast and for less money. Imagine paying less but getting more hot water?

2. High recovery rate

Oil-powered water heaters can heat up large amounts of water rapidly. This means it has a high recovery rate. A water heater’s recovery rate is the amount of water a unit can raise by 100 degrees in one hour. For example, if a water heater can increase the temperature of 40 gallons of water by 100 degrees in an hour, then it has a 40-gallon recovery rate.

3. Flexibility

Water heating systems that run on oil are available in two categories: direct and indirect. This added flexibility makes it easier to find a water heater for your family. Keep in mind that two adults need much less hot water than a family of six!

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