Air Conditioning

Home Air Conditioning Equipment

Petroleum Kings is proud to offer the latest in energy-efficient air conditioning equipment. All of our technicians are experienced, trained and certified, to provide you with the upmost quality service that you deserve. Our experts install and service a variety of air conditioning equipment, including but not limited to:

Ductless Split Systems                                  Chiller Systems
Room Air Conditioners                                   Water Source Systems
PTAC Units                                                    Duct work with Volume Control Dampers, 
Ducted Systems (DX Type)                           Fire dampers and Motorized Dampers
Roof-top Package Units with Gas/Electric    Insulation and Acoustic Lining of Ducts
Indoor Package Units                                    Controls, Electronic, manual and Pneumatic

Additional services include…

Annual Maintenance Contracts                    Leak Detecting, Fixing, Testing and System 
Service Maintenance Contracts                   Re-charging 
Winter Storage of Room Air Conditioners   Air Ducts and Dryer Vent Cleaned
Cleaning Air Handling Units and Steam      Troubleshooting
Cleaning Condensing Units

Contact us to learn more about our energy efficient products and to find an air conditioning system that works for you.