Apr, 16

5 Tips to Making Sure Your HVAC System is Ready for Summer

HVAC cooling system

With spring already here and summer on its way, many homeowners are focusing on cleaning their homes and yards in preparation for the flurry of activities they have planned for the warm, summer months. While you plan on ushering in the summer days, you have to remember to prepare your HVAC system for what lies ahead.  Tips for your HVAC Maintenance:


Filters Should be Replaced

Make sure you go through and replace the filters in your HVAC system to prepare for the summer months coming your way. During times when the air conditioning system is used frequently, you want to make sure the filters are replaced or cleaned at least once every month. A dirty filter can cause the unit to freeze up, if not break down completely. A clean filter will allow the air to freely flow into the unit and reduce the amount of pollution inside of the home.


Inspect the Ductwork

The ventilation system is a critical component of the heating and cooling system. When there is a bunch of leaks and holds in your ducts, you will find yourself losing out on a lot of the air that you are paying to have cooled. Cracks in the ductwork can cost you as much as 20 percent more on your energy bill. Seal any holes and ensure all of the connectors are tight.


Test Your HVAC System

Before the heat strolls in, you want to go through and test your air conditioning system by turning it on for a short amount of time. If the unit requires a repair, you will have a little bit of time to get it done before the cooling season is in full swing.


Look for Any Obstructions around Your Unit

The outside part of your air conditioning unit is composed of multiple parts, one of which being the compressor. Make sure to clear any obstructions away from your unit. Any plants, bikes, bushes and other yard items need to be at least a couple feet from the unit. If there is any debris around your unit, take the time to blow the leaves away, vacuum out the dirt and clean the cage of anything else that might be blocking the flow of air.


Schedule Your Tune-up

To make sure your unit is running the best it can, while using a minimal amount of energy, you need to schedule a tune-up with a licensed professional. Thanks to a tune-up, your unit will be up and running before the warm months are upon you. Take the time to speak with a trained professional today to discuss what your unit needs to prepare for the warm, summer sun. Call us today  at (914) 576-4040 to schedule your Tune Up.

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